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My comics are sometimes very dark, but that stuff is better out than in. If you take offence please remember it's an important and very valid form of therapy for me.

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Welcome! I'd joined DA a while ago and the design seemed dated but had its own charm, and then I saw the new design and noped back to the old one when it was still available. Now it looks so generic :\

While Newgrounds has changed a lot since I first signed up, at least it's done so gradually so that people like me who're resistant to change don't lose a lot. Aside from copyright issues, Newgrounds allows pretty much anything / has a veery laissez-faire attitude so you should be good to go there :D

Thanks for the welcome! DA was an absolute hub for me for a good couple of years, so the changes are upsetting, particularly for premium members who have been unequivocally what on by the changes.

Newgrounds still has that old-school forum feel I've been jonesing for (even on mobile), and it's been years since I visited. I'm enthusiastic about it, and the forums are a ton more scintillating so far than the sludge threads on DA.

Your comics have a sort of Perry Bible Fellowship vibe, nice!

Oh boy, there's a highly flattering comparison I could never possibly love up to!

DA is still my home base, but I expanded to here and Pixiv anyways to cover all my bases until the DA replacement shows up.

Got much faith in ArtSpacious?

@darknessofanubis @shecantbreathe
Had no idea it even existed. =D

Welcome to Newgrounds. So happy people are joining here more and more each day. It makes me feel great knowing that. I hope you get every little bit out of it from this site

I love the interface, the gallery setup, the forums, and the people have largely been super-cool so far too!

Thank you for the warm welcome!

I hope to see more Jason theme art!